Cheap Number Plates ?

If you need cheap number plates for your vehicle we can help ! offer cheap number plates for cars, motorbikes and scooters. Although we offer cheap number plates the cheap car number plates we supply are of the highest quality and meet legal requirements for number plates in the UK. The same is true of the Motorbike number plates and scooter number plates we supply. Only outlets registered with the DVLA are authorised to supply number plates in the united Kingdom.

All UK number plates have to be manufactured to be compliant with current legislation. The current specifications dictate the character size, spacings of characters, colour of the number plates and flag / badges that can be used. The very cheapest number plates on the market may not meet these requirements and you should bear this in mind if you buy cheap plates elsewhere.

Quality Cheap Number Plates

Beware of suppliers of cheap number plates stating that the number plates are supplied as show plates for off road use as they will likely not meet the required standard for legal number plates. The police are very active in checking car number plates and illegal number plates are almost certain to generate unwanted attention. In addition to the Police checks, Mot Testing stations also inspect number plates as part of the MOT and they can be a reason for a failure. Choose a registered supplier and you should be fine with cheap number plates.

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