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There are many people that collect classic cars as a hobby and do really pay attention to the cost. Some of the cars that people collect do not even work because they are very old and they need repairs. The market has a demand for classic cars regardless of whether they work or not. There… Read More

Vintage Number Plates and Their Popularity

Number plates don't just represent an official vehicle registration, but they can also be much personalised to represent something much more personal and vital to you such as your favourite football team or even a birthday. DVLA has over 25 million vehicle registration number plates available. You get to choose… Read More

There's the old saying that you can't take things with you when you go but this doesn't only apply when you leave this world. A tenant in Staffordshire was evicted from his property last July as he hadn't paid his rent but he chose not to remove his collection of classic cars. The collection of… Read More

With just 5 days to go, the auction for registration number X1 is now up to £525,000 so there is still time to bag yourself a bit of motoring history if you're feeling rich. Even though this number has been valued at around £1,000,000 at this price it may not be an investment that appreciates… Read More

What do you buy a millionaire car enthusiast who seems to have everything? If you have around £1 million to spend, you could buy a piece of motoring history, as the registration X1 is currently up for auction, with an estimated sale price of £1 million. With 8 days left on the auction, and a… Read More

Imagine being devastated when you can no longer drive your beautiful, specially commissioned car, and seeing it being sold at an auction for just £300. That's how Tony Peters, an ex traffic-cop from the Mid Anglia police must have felt when his beautiful Ford Lotus Cortina Mark II police car was no longer to be… Read More

Kop Hill, in Buckinghamshire, was a major racing venue in the early years of motor racing, but has been closed to competitive racing since a bad accident there in 1925. Recently though, campaigners have succeeded in resurrecting the Kop Hill Climb, which is an annual, non-competitive event that sees a wide range of cars, from… Read More

Nostalgia is big business these days, with vintage shops and events popping up all over the place. If you're into cars then you'll probably have been going to classic car shows for years to see some beautiful old motors, restored to their original glory, even down to the original style vintage plates. But now many… Read More

Vehicle registration numbers are tightly regulated in every country, and in the UK it's the DVLA that controls them. Registration plates that have previously been released can be found in a number of different places, from local newspapers to specialist internet websites, but newly released registration numbers are sold in DVLA auctions which take place… Read More

Carl Beane, public address announcer at Boston's Fenway Park, suffered a heart attack while driving Wednesday and died in the resulting accident. Beane had been a long-time employee of the Red Sox media department before winn… Read More